Final ALTERENERGY Management Board and Steering Committee Meeting in Bari

Ten partnership meetings were held within the ALTERENERGY Strategic Project. The final Project Management Board and Steering Committee Meeting held in Bari, on the 15th September 2016, for sharing final contents, experiences, results, and for jointly agreeing and planning future activities, in particular the International final workshop and the Agreement based on the future Adriatic  energy sustainability starting from project results for the next programming period.

The Memorandum of Understanding, in particular, is on the cooperation in development and boosting energy sustainability in the Adriatic area with attention to the EU Fundings 2014-2020. According to the document, the ALTERNERGY partnership will explore the opportunities for supporting the Strategic Project target communities and small Adriatic communities in developing energy sustainability good practices and in the fight against climate change, through a participated approach involving public administrations, policy makers, citizens and local stakeholders, improving their ability to plan and manage integrated actions of energy saving and the production of energy from renewable sources.

So, the Memorandum participants will continue to exchange information and to cooperate with each other in order to identify and understand the issues raised and to develop solutions. The issues to be covered include proposals related to energy sustainability practices, education, training and development, linked to the European Territorial Cooperation Programs and other European Programs in the programming period 2014-2020.

For the purposes of the Memorandum of Understanding a Working Group is established. For the first year, the coordinator for the function of the Working Group will be PUGLIA REGION – Territorial Cooperation Unit. This Memorandum of Understanding is intended to be valid until  2023.



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