IV Project Management Board and Steering Committee Meeting in Tirana

Puglia Region, Lead Beneficiary of the Strategic Project ALTERENERGY, with the consensus of all partners, is now going to hold a fourth PMB and SC meeting (Tirana, 16 and 17 July 2013). This meeting is meant as a crucial one, for pointing out the spending targets and results or problems met by the partners so far, and jointly agree and plan future activities.


In particular some specific issues listed in the agenda has to be carefully taken in consideration:

The roundtable foreseen on the 16 July at 2:30 pm: each partner will introduce shortly the state of art of WP2, WP4 activities and the financial related planning-commitments for 2013.

The Steering Committee Meeting on the 17 July at 11:30 a.m.: all Partners will give details about their own financial plan of action in order to recover the delay and to reach the target spending forecast by the end of
October ’13.

The dedicated bilateral meeting “on demand” on specific partners’ issues/needs, in order to support an effective project implementation and the resolution of potential criticalities.

Missing this meeting might mean losing the chance to go through ALTERENERGY project, planning its development, learning about its expected deliverables/outputs, and its capitalization potential and Adriatic impact on small communities.