Tenders for thematic studies on energy, demographic change and cultural heritage

The CENTRAL EUROPE Programme has published three tenders for thematic studies on “Energy efficiency and renewable energies", “Demographic change and knowledge development” and “Cultural heritage and creative resources”. The deadline for submitting non-binding offers is Friday, 19 July 2013 at 17.00 pm (Vienna local time).

Experts carrying out CENTRAL EUROPE thematic studies are expected to identify relevant 'niches' of transnational cooperation by collecting, analysing and further elaborating on the most promising thematic results achieved by transnational projects funded within a specific theme in the CENTRAL EUROPE Programme.

Thematic studies will serve the purpose of:
- Facilitating the communication and mainstreaming of knowledge and results generated by the projects;
- Sensitising thematic policy makers and stakeholders in order to offer projects additional opportunities to capitalise on their achieved results;
- Linking achievements of the current programme with the “EU 2020 Strategy”, future Cohesion Policy as well as EU Research, Innovation and Industrial Competitiveness policies.

Further information: CENTRAL EUROPE website.