Covenant of Major: new financial resources for Municipalities of Emilia Romagna Region

 By resolution of the Regional Council of 2 July 2013 was approved a new contract aimed at municipalities to support adherence to the Covenant of Mayors, through the granting of contributions for the preparation of Action Plans for Sustainable Energy (Paes).

The notice approved by the Decision of the Regional Government  is the second intervention in the Emilia Romagna Region, after the one approved in July of 2012, to stimulate municipalities to adhere to the Covenant of Major, the UE initiative on sustainable energy launched by the European Commission in 2008.

In order to facilitate as much as possible the local authorities in this process, the Region, with the support of ARPA Emilia-Romagna and Ervet, has created a series of tools for the construction of municipal energy balance and the resulting baseline emission inventory, which constitute the basis for elaborating the entire Paes. These tools, in the coming months will be joined by others useful for action reporting that the Municipaliy intends to implement to cut greenhouse emissions in its territory and to prepare the same Paes. With the publication of this additional tool, each municipality will be able to produce your own Paes with the minimum effort and through a consistent methodology for the entire region.

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