The work program of the strategic project ALTERENERGY moves from the "sharing" of objectives and contents among the multiple actors in the Adriatic target areas - institutions, enterprises, research institutes and development companies, banks and financial organizations, citizens – in order to create synergies aimed at determining the new guidelines for local energy sustainability, with a view to the development of Adriatic small communities. The basic idea, then, is to build up and test a path that would enable the adoption of conscious behaviours and new planning and operational lifestyles with regard to energy.

Partners and Associates in the Strategic Project ALTERENERGY, with reference to their own institutional responsibilities, are functional and complementary to the fulfilment of the project objectives; they have visibility and representation in the areas of intervention; they are well established and rely on effective local partnerships, fundamental for the launch of the participatory process. The geographic extent of the areas of intervention, the need for consistency with the economic resources available and the nature of actions to be put in place, determine the opportunity of aggregation of territories and organizations. Official project partners are: