Kotor Municipality

Contact person: Branka Todorovic
tel. +38 232325862/304737 - fax. +38 232304736
e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Website: www.opstinakotor.com

Municipality of Kotor is a local authority and a public body. It has 170 employees. Public Services under the supervision of the Municipality are:

- The Directorate for Planning and construction of Kotor;
- Public utility company;
- Public Water Supply and Sewerage Company;
- Cultural Center;
- Tourist Organization of Kotor and Maritime Museum.

The territory of Kotor Municipality covers 335m2 according to official statistics from 2003, and it has 22.947 residents. Kotor is one of a few Mediterranean towns that had preserved its fortification system. The ramparts of Kotor are one of the main motifs and reasons of placing this town and its cultural-historical area to the UNESCO’s List of World cultural and natural heritage.

Kotor is one of the best preserved medieval urban settlements of the  Mediterranean. Kotor is included in the list of the world inheritance under the protection of UNESCO, as both cultural and natural world heritage site. The Municipality has a  broad experience in international cooperation through the membership in significant international organizations such as: Adriatic Euroregion, Eurodistrict of South Adriatic, Forum of Adriatic and Ionic cities, Organization of World Heritage Cities, International Association of Cities Messengers of Peace, Network of walled cities of the Mediterranean, Club of the most beautiful bays in the world and PHILIA-Asociation of multiethnical cities of South East Europe.

Municipality of Kotor, as a local self governance with developed regional and international cooperation has a strong influence in establishing of cross border policies. Our Mayor, Mrs. Marija Ćatović is a member of Governing Boards of two international organizations: Adriatic Euroregion and Forum of Adriatic and Ionian towns and cities, and she is as well a Head of delegation of Montenegro in the Congress of Regional and Local authorities of Council of Europe.