Budapest (Hungary), October 8-9, 2015 - Mayors’ Geothermal Club - International Geothermal District Heating Conference and Matchmaking Event

The inaugural conference of the Mayors’ Geothermal Club is a 2-day conference and matchmaking event for municipalities and organizations interested in identifying and exploring opportunities for collaboration to improve their potentials to implement geothermal-based district heating systems.

The Mayors’ Geothermal Club will facilitate synergies and cooperation between the key stakeholders of the EU geothermal market and will provide primarily EU municipalities with deep geothermal potentials with an appropriate framework.

The event is hosted by Geonardo Environmental Technologies Ltd, coordinator of the Geothermal Communities (GEOCOM - project funded under the EU’s Seventh Framework Programme (FP7).

Mayors’ Geothermal Club will be launched on 8th October 2015 within the framework of this inaugural conference in Budapest. Representatives of frontrunner EU municipalities in geothermal energy applications, technology providers and consultants as well as delegates of key financial institutions with deep geothermal energy in their portfolio will be attending to form the core of this Club.

The conference also provides an excellent opportunity for networking and matchmaking by bringing together municipalities with deep geothermal potential, service providers and engineering SMEs as well as the representatives of various financial institutions and policy makers ( Focus:

  • Latest trends and technologies in geothermal energy applications;
  • Examples of geothermal energy utilization for district heating at local level;
  • Key industry players and technology providers offering services to municipalities;
  • Wide array of financial instruments for renewable energy investments;
  • Best practices and future initiatives for geothermal district heating systems;
  • Bilateral meetings and networking.