Lublin (Poland), November 17-19, 2015 - Energetics

8th Lublin Fair for ENERGETICS is one of the most important and one of the largest meetings of the power sector in eastern Poland. It is a platform for discussing topics significant and current for the sector, for the development of technique and technology in the power sector.

Thematic scope are:

  • Alternative and renewable power sector:

  • Water, wind, sun, geothermal-water energy, biomass;

  • Technologies for renewable energy acquisition;

  • Power resource saving systems.

  • Power engineering and electrical engineering:

  • Electricity generation and transmission;

  • Energy processing;

  • Distribution and connection devices;

  • Safety devices and lightning protection systems;

  • Control-measurement and signaling devices;

  • Electrical grids and systems;

  • Automatics;

  • Operating equipment and tools;

  • Cables and wires;

  • Lighting equipment;

  • IT in power sector.